Triangular Frill Wrap - Dark Aubergine

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This is a very feminine piece that transcends many occasions. Being a triangle, it sits on your shoulders and doesn't fall off. It is over two metres wide and one metre deep so you can really wrap yourself in it and feel luxurious. Try wrapping it slightly off centre so the frill sits flat nicely in the middle of your neck, and there is still enough cashmere to throw over your shoulders, or, simply wear it loose so it flows. Alternatively, start with the triangle at your chest and keep wrapping the ends. You can achieve lots of different looks. It's a stunning piece to wear from the car to a restaurant, and makes a simple pair of jeans and short boots into a statement outfit. 


  • Size: 2m x 1m
  • Weight: 320g
  • Material composition: 100% cashmere
  • Care instructions: hand wash 
  • Country of manufacture: designed in Australia, made in China

Everyday Cashmere is an Australian company designing and producing cashmere and silk garments that make you feel special every day. Whether you are getting on a plane in one climate and off in another, working and living in air-conditioning, or just need something to ward off the cold and wind outdoors, their designs are sophisticated yet easy-to-wear wardrobe essentials. Everyday Cashmere is made up of a dedicated team of professionals in a vertically integrated business that starts with hand-feeding Alxa goats in Mongolia, combines high-tech machine knitting with hand-dyed blends of cashmere and silk, and finishes with a focus on personalised service. Everyday Cashmere delivers quality products that you’ll soon learn you can’t live without.

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“Cashmere is not only classic and luxurious, but the most practical for travel – light, packable and magically providing the right warmth for al fresco nights or long-haul flights. These quality pieces are those go-to items every traveller needs.”
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