The Wayward Leunig: Cartoons That Wandered Off

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The Wayward Leunig is a superb companion volume to Michael Leunig's The Essential Leunig, with another 400 definitive cartoons spanning five decades.


  • Publication date: 21/10/2015 
  • Number of pages: 408 
  • Format: Hardback 
  • Size: 24.8cm x 24.6cm x 3.2cm

Michael Leunig has been drawing and writing for Australian newspapers since 1965. He was born in Melbourne and now lives on a farm in north-eastern Victoria. His work has been widely published overseas, and has been adapted in Australia for television, theatre and radio. His many titles include The Penguin Leunig, The Travelling Leunig, Ramming the Shears, Everyday Devils and Angels, You and Me, Short Notes from the Long History of Happiness, Why Dogs Sniff Each Other's Tails, Goatperson and Other Tales, The Curly Pyjama Letters, The Stick, Poems, Strange Creature and The Lot.

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