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The Proposition by Kate Bergin
This painting was like putting together a puzzle, balancing all the colour against the black and white. I started with the zebra and two brolgas but ended up replacing a brolga with a couple of flamingos and then used the pink of the parrots and penguin's feet to balance them. But I can't help looking at the painting and imagining the indignity of the painted over brolga!

And who is doing the propositioning? The peeled apple represents temptation and is also a bit of a test I give myself as I often work from photos. By painting a peeled apple from life and having to achieve it before it starts to decay is a feat of concentration particularly living in the subtropics of Queensland. The spectacles that hang from the heron’s beak remind us to keep looking the details of life and also references a well thumbed book I have of Norman Bryson’s, “Looking at the Overlooked” a collection of four essays about the still life genre. At least the black "film noir" phone is there with its dial that reads "In Case of Emergency Dial 170" just in case that brolga manages to find its way out!...

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Kate Bergin has enjoyed a highly successful career spanning over 25 years and she is recognised as a significant contemporary Australian artist . Kate is a multiple finalist of the Sulman Art Gallery of NSW Prize, Portia Geach, Fleurieu and Arthur Guy Prizes. Her work was gifted by Margaret Olley to the permanent collection of the Art Gallery of NSW and her work is currently held in a number of prominent collections in Australia and internationally.

Bergin's iconic works explore the still life genre. These highly detailed and technically proficient oil paintings revel in the unusual, the precarious and the unexpected. Far from 'still', these paintings quiver with movement, laughter and life. It is impossible to ignore their vitality. Animals poised to leap from the canvas, birds to take flight; compositions on the brink of collapse. Bergin’s work, intoxicating and absurd, captures the mundane and the exotic in virtuosic detail.

About Tabletop Variations

The virtuosic paintings of artist Kate Bergin take the viewer on a playful expedition through the absurd and the profound. Strange gatherings of animals and objects are configured in impossible scenarios on the brink of collapse atop tables draped with white cloth, alluding to the conventions of seventeenth century Dutch and Flemish still life painting. Yet Bergin’s compositions are far from ‘still’. They pulsate with movement as animals prepare to leap from the canvas and birds take flight, and yet these moments are frozen in time like mimetic dioramas. It is in this dialogue between stasis and motion, stability and precariousness, that the artist seeks to find, in her own words, ‘balance and imbalance, contemplation within the chaotic and playfulness with a touch of menace – just like any good fairy tale.’

‘Tabletop Variations’ continues Bergin’s focus on the symbolic currency of the ‘un-still life’. The title of the exhibition alludes to Bach’s The Goldberg Variations – a frequent accompaniment in the artist’s studio. ‘The series of diverse melodies unified by a single bass line and chordal structure reflects my own approach to composition’, explains Bergin. ‘These tabletop variations transpose the musical form onto the visual plane, the tabletop providing the ‘bass line’ and the birds, animals and various objects becoming the ‘variations’.’

The paintings visualise the artist’s passionate fascination with animals of all kinds. Displaced from their usual habitats, various species from different continents coexist peacefully in each tabletop tableaux; a poignant image of acceptance and harmony in a world pivoted on segregation. Telephones, teaspoons and spectacles function as visual metonyms for ‘civilised’ society, perhaps signalling the frontier that humans have constructed to elevate ourselves above the animal kingdom. Bergin’s animals chisel a chink in this armature of civilisation, evoking the wilderness that dwells beneath.

Bergin builds each painting around a central character, the tabletop acting as a stage upon which she moves creatures around to create a believable space with convincing relationships. Working from her own photographs as well as from life, she ensures that each animal retains its own identity without becoming too anthropomorphised.

Together, the works in ‘Tabletop Variations’ represent a voyage through art history. ‘This is the joy of art history and our connection to it as painters today,’ reflects Bergin, ‘the circles within circles, the threads that lead you in and out and around, dizzying in all its contrary symbolism.’

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  • Standard - 84cm x 67cm
  • Large - 115cm x 92cm

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