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Every Reindeer hide is a unique natural product, with beautiful markings and wonderfully thick, soft fur perfect the ultimate Scandi look. Our reindeer hides are sourced as a by-product of breeding sustainable herds of reindeer throughout parts of Northern Finland. These reindeer are farmed to provide meat, milk and raw materials for clothes and tools for the local inhabitants, with the hide being the final by-product, making the entire process an eco-friendly and sustainable practice!

  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Specifications: 115cm x115cm x5cm
  • Country of Manufacture : Finland

Care Instructions: To maximize the life of your hide, respect it for the beautiful item it is, minimize repeated, prolonged or heavy contact and it will reward you with many, many years of joy. Unlike cow hides, reindeer hides are not as robust and we urge you don’t use these in high traffic areas. As with all hollow hair hides, the hair will break or come loose if repeatedly sat upon, walked upon or rubbed. Give the hide a good shake every week or so to remove any hairs that may have come loose. These hides are a natural product and as such, you can expect some hair loss over time, as you expect from most all deep pile rugs. Some hides take a period of time (sometimes up to a month) to acclimatize to different conditions, particularly if relocated to a warmer and/or drier climate.

Growing up surrounded by art and nature has influenced Emily Heysen’s personal style. She works with artisans from Australia and around the world to create unique handmade pieces of the highest quality. With a strong commitment to creativity, the environment and ethical production, Inartisan values individual craftsmanship and artistic integrity over mass-production.

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