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This watch features a reliable Miyota movement from Japan, a face conceived in New York, casings manufactured in China, a leather band sourced from our French supplier, with overall design and assembly in Sydney, Australia.

  • 39mm
  • Weight: 500g 
  • 5ATM Water resistant
  • Strap colour - Teak brown
  • Country of assembly: Australia

Care instructions

  • Avoid leaving your watch in any extremes for long periods of time: direct sunlight, extremely warm or cold locations. 
  • Never operate the buttons or crown when the watch is submerged in water. 
  • Light activities will not affect your watch, but dropping or hitting against a hard surface will cause damage not only to the lens, case and band, but to internal components. 
  • Do not expose the watch to solvents, mercury, cosmetic spray (e.g. hairspray, perfume, tanning solution), detergents, adhesives, paints, gases or other chemicals.
  • Do not wear your watch in a hot tub, sauna, shower or bath. 
  • We do not recommend exposing the leather bands to water. If however you replace our band with a water resistant one and wear your watch in water, ensure that the watch casing is rinsed in fresh water after use in salt and/or chlorinated water and dried with a soft cloth. 
  • The watch and bracelet/band may collect dust and perspiration and will become soiled if not cleaned regularly. This is particularly the case with the inner parts of the links or mesh of the bracelet. 
  • Wipe periodically with a soft dry cloth. No backward hand or date adjustments should be made when the analogue hands read between 8pm and 3am. At these times, the gears are too close together and such a change could cause damage. e.g. daylight savings time. 
  • Avoid fastening the bracelet too tightly. You should be able to insert a finger between the band and your wrist (to make sure the wrist is at normal temperature and not overheated).

Mister Wolf is the result of a meeting of minds between the classically trained watchmaker and design-retailer Leighton Clarke and industrial designer Tom Fereday.

Early in his career, Leighton trained and worked as a watchmaker. He then moved into the luxury designer furniture sector. His mixed background has given him an unusual set of skills: the technical expertise to build a high-quality watch brand coupled with a finely-honed design sensibility and a unique understanding of customer service.

Mister Wolf evolved out of Leighton’s desire to create a superior timepiece, a watch that conveyed accessible luxury without compromising on design or quality. He enlisted the respected Sydney-industrial designer Tom Fereday to help him achieve his vision. Together they devised the first watch in the collection – MW1.

Expected delivery within 3-4 business days.

Time-frame may vary for interstate/regional areas.

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