Mini Wall Self-watering Planter

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‘Vertical’ may be the new black, but you’ve never seen it done like this. The Mini Wall self-watering planter has been designed to climb. Effortlessly cultivate fresh produce in a self-watering planter specifically designed to make wall-mounted vertical gardening simple and rewarding. Run your Mini up a wall and any overflow from higher units will be captured seamlessly by the planter below. If you’re more excited by a horizontal configuration, Mini Wall planters can be mounted easily side by side, each designed to be linked effortlessly to the next to create a shared water reservoir. Why not save yourself a decision and get the best of both worlds with a grid configuration instead? The Glowpear Mini Wall has been carefully designed to optimise growing conditions for edible plants. With a generous soil volume, foolproof self-watering technology, a range of irrigation options to suit your lifestyle, and an intuitive wall bracket mounting system, it will get your low-maintenance wall garden thriving in no time.


• Size: 600mm x 257mm x 225mm
• Weight: 4.5kg (packaged)
• Material composition: HDPE planter, Glass filled HDPE legs, polymer accessories, stainless steel fasteners
• Care instructions: Assemble as instructed, water when indicated, replenish nutrients as required and grow amazing produce!
• Country of manufacture: China

Glowpear is excited by simple, beautiful design. In a past life we've designed award-winning products, acquired companies, managed supply chains, engineered systems, and set market agendas for some of the world’s biggest, and smallest, companies. Glowpear is the culmination of this experience. The fusion of beautiful design and community. Products that delight. Shared experience. Ideas that bring us together.

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