Kookaburra - Metal Bird Garden Sculpture

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The iconic laughing kookaburra is the largest kingfisher in the world. Theories abound, but perhaps this is due in main to its aversion to the typical weight-watching diet of fish, preferring a diet of lizards, mice and snakes. Witnesses have reported seeing kookaburras dropping their catch repeatedly onto hard surfaces and theories point to ancient tenderising techniques. Clearly bones are tough to digest for this stocky jovial character. It’s a little-known fact that the characteristic call from which the laughing kookaburra gets its name is actually a courtesy wake-up call to herald the new day. Our version is made from 3mm Corten steel. It’s easily hammered into most wooden structures and will rust to a deep brown.


  • Sizes: 
    • Standard: 14cm x 32cm, weight 400g
    • Large: 31cm x 39cm, weight 800g
  • Material composition: Corten steel
  • Care instructions: Please expect the steel to rust to a deep brown.
  • Country of manufacture: Australia

Metalbirds are covert art – hammer one into a lamp post or a tree in a public or private place to beautify and add value. Our birds are laser-cut from 3mm Corten steel, which is designed to rust. The lovely rustic look and feel to the bird develops over time as it is exposed to the elements. They look at their best when silhouetted against the sky or a contrasting backdrop. Our range includes some of Australia’s most popular and iconic birds. Admire the warbling magpie, the laughing kookaburra, the aerobatic fantail and the wise owl, to name just a few. Metalbirds are an innovative and affordable way to add beauty to any landscape and have been enjoyed by bird lovers across Australia since 2013. Metalbird Australia is proudly Australian made and owned.

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