Kami Lamp Midnight Bliss

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Our stunning lamps are individually hand-wrapped with the highest quality Japanese paper. The vibrant hues are beautiful in the daylight and transform your room into an ambient space at night.

Each glass lamp comes packaged in a stunning patterned box, perfect as a gift.


  • Height 24.5cm x width 10.5cm x length 10.5cm
  • Weight: 500g
  • Material composition: acrylic, wooden base, Japanese paper
  • Country of manufacture: China

Short Story's vision is to bring back the personal touch once associated with card writing and other paper-based correspondence. Borne from a love of twilight markets, Short Story began as a creative venture for William and Carolyn, who found success in their handmade origami frames and have since expanded their passion for storytelling and design into other gift ranges.

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