Igayaki Everyday Teapot Dobin by Azmaya

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Handmade by Iga, Mie Prefecture craftsmen, the Iga ware Dobin ceramic teapot is finished with a Lime ash clear 'Sekkai' glaze or Black licorice Kuroame glaze and simple rattan handle. A beautiful and traditionally styled teapot with a refined look which works well in any contemporary setting.

Handcrafted using traditional techniques, Iga-ware uses clay and natural glazes local to the region which is extremely resistant to heat and reacts well to repeated firing. Iga clay offers an elevated level of hardness while the pebbles in the clay result in natural character and texture.

The Kuroame Licorice Black glaze is enriched with deep black hues and a glossy textured finish.

Due to its delicate structure, the Iga Dobin Teapot cannot be used on direct flame but is excellent for brewing and keeping the tea warm.

The handcrafted quality of the Iga Dobin Teapot results in unique differences in shade, gloss & size of glaze.

To best protect the Iga clay vessels and objects from stain or odour, before first use, please follow the care instructions provided.

Before using it for the first time, please follow this care instruction in order to protect the ceramic from discolouration or odour.

Place the Black Licorice glaze and unglazed vessels with the starchy rice wash water* (white cloudy water left after rinsing rice) in a pot.

Boil it under simmering heat for about 10- 15minutes and remove from heat. Leave it immersed for 20 minutes before rinsing off. A starchy protective film will be formed on the surface fine cracks, minimising stain development over use.

*You can also use any starchy solution instead of rice water.

For Lime Ash light-coloured glaze, stain patterns may appear on the surface due to tea tannin etc. It is one of the personal preference, but it is  preventable to a certain extent by soaking the jar in water or lukewarm starchy water before use.

Handwash recommended.


Iga earth, black candy glaze, rattan

ManufactureKobo kiln (Iga city, Mie prefecture)

Dimensions: diameter 115 — height 110 mm (excluding handle) 

Width 150 mm including spout

Capacity: 530 ml 

Weight: 395 g

The Gingko Leaf name originates from the beauty and uniqueness of the Ginkgo Biloba tree and its delicate, uniquely shaped leaves. The products selected are guided by the Japanese conceptual term Yo-no-bi ("beauty through use") and the primary focus is on well crafted, well-designed contemporary Japanese household items such as ceramics, porcelain, glassware, woodcrafts, ironware, bath and bed textiles or on unique pieces that will bring delight to users.

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