Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion

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A natural, nutrient-rich multipurpose moisturiser crafted with hemp oil. Baobab protein and native botanicals hydrate, nourish, tighten and improve skin.


  • Volume: 550ml
  • Notes of rosemary, mandarin and cedarwood
  • Made naturally in Melbourne, Australia

Hunter Lab is focused on encouraging our brethren into healthier, astute living through the development of a methodical, effortless daily skincare routine, utilising highly effective and addictive natural skincare tools. These tools were fashioned out of a frustration with the current uninspired, chemical-intensive, repackaged-feminine products that pervade today’s male skincare market.

At HunterLab, we have found a way to bottle our combined years of experience in marketing, cosmetic product development and packaging design into a brand focused on outstanding craftsmanship that inspires and effects action and change in an under-utilised everyday necessity in men’s health – skincare.

We aim to reinvigorate the marketplace by uniting the traditional grooming experience with the high-quality, natural, scientifically formulated and environmentally sustainable expectation of today’s market, and provide skincare solutions that set the benchmark for men interested in healthy living.

We have crafted our skincare tools to remedy man’s unique skincare needs, to complement his hectic lifestyle, and to add contemporary design, provocative textures and hardworking simplicity into his daily life.

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