HybridX Apple Wireless Charging Station - Medium - Black/Walnut, with Watch and Airpod Mounts

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This is the Ultimate Apple User Charging Station.

Charge all your Apple Devices Simultaneously, with the function of Wireless Conduction and Mounts for all your Apple wearables. 

This ALLDOCK will Dock & Charge;

Mac Book / iPad / iPhone / Apple Watch / Apple Pencil / Apple AirPods

Save on the package deal, which inclujdes the following components

  • x 1  HybridX Compact Bamboo (2 Rails/Wireless Deck & 4 USB Ports)
  • x 1 Apple Watch Mount
  • x 1 Apple AirPod Mount
  • x 2 One Hand Docking Adaptor Cables (Apple MFi)
  • x 1 USB Cable Splitter (Apple MFi)

The new ALLDOCK HybridX compact is designed to offer you the most universal charging station that integrates the latest technologies. The ALLDOCK HybridX compact has an integrated wireless fast charger. You have the flexibility to combine conventional docking and wireless to simplify the process of charging.

The ALLDOCK HybridX is built with two new fast charging ports that deliver 3.0 amps per port. The safety measurements have been  further developed, ensuring that all devices are safe from overheating, static discharge, reverse polarity and fault detection per port.


ALLDOCK's quality in materials and workmanship is not compromised. This charger is hand built in high quality pure Timbers or Soft Coated ABS compound Plastics.  

Whether you are searching for an unique or a functional charging station which offers the latest technology, the ALLDOCK HybridX is for you!



  • Size : 22.4 x 6.7 x 14,7 cm
  • 2x Rail Docking - 14mm & 18mm Back Rail. 
  • 1x Wireless Charging Deck (Dual Coil) - 1 device capacity
  • Product Weight : 1.1kg
  • 4x USB charger
  • Output - 2x 2.4A, 1x 3A and 1 x 1.670 Android QC or 1 x 3.0A 
  • 3.0A Quick Charge Capability
  • 3.0A Macbook Charge Capability.
  • The total capacity is 10.800 mAh.
  • Suitable accessories: Up to two mounts (Apple Watch, FitBit, AirPod);
  • Suitable to 4x ClickIn One Hand Docking Adapters.
  • Certified to Australasian Safety Standards (RCM)










Alldock’s philosophy is that we build furniture, not gadgets. We sell multi-device docking and rapid-charging furniture, so you can quickly juice up your smartphones and tablets in a sweet-looking space without your cables getting in a bunch. The Alldock range was created as an element of interior design, not simply a techy object. 

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