Hikime Cast Iron Teapot by Hisanori Masuda

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This series of cast iron teapots are designed to complement today's lifestyle and contemporary aesthetics.

The outside of the teapot uses sand skin sand mould of traditional technology, the inside is subjected to enamel processing which is hard to rust and a stainless steel tea strainer is set. The walnut wood lid adds a beautiful accent to the teapot.

Cast iron teapot has high heat retention which helps to maintain the temperature of the brew.

Please note that a Stainless Steel Tea Strainer is provided.

These teapots have the following capacity:

Medium: 1-litre capacity

Large: 1.5 litre


Hisanori Masuda was born in 1949 in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. After graduating from Musashino University of Art (Fine Arts and Design) where he studied under Prof. Mosuke Yoshitake, Hisanori stayed on as a studio assistant to his professor for 5 years. During this time, Hisanori was successful in revitalizing local industries through product design. Later he moved to Yamagata City and established his own studio, "Chushin Kobo" in 1997. He seeks to recreate objects retaining the beauty of traditional Japanese cast iron but stylishly adapted to fit a contemporary lifestyle. Using iron, aluminium and bronze, he designs, produces and sells all his own work. He is currently a member of the Japan Craft Design Association. He teaches at Tohoku University of Art and Design and Yamagata University in the department of education.

The Gingko Leaf name originates from the beauty and uniqueness of the Ginkgo Biloba tree and its delicate, uniquely shaped leaves. The products selected are guided by the Japanese conceptual term Yo-no-bi ("beauty through use") and the primary focus is on well crafted, well-designed contemporary Japanese household items such as ceramics, porcelain, glassware, woodcrafts, ironware, bath and bed textiles or on unique pieces that will bring delight to users.

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