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Protect the keen gardener's skin from stings, scratches and sunburn with these robust cowhide leather gloves with soil and water repellent three-quarter forearm gauntlet cuffs.  

Stylish and hard wearing, the snug fit leather absorbs perspiration, and moulds to the shape of the user's hands over time. Even soiled they continue to look stylish, although can be cold water washed and line dried for rejuvenating.

Also available is a matching gardener's kneeling pad and a giftset, which includes both the kneeling pad and gloves. 

All gloves come presented in a clear cellophane bag and are gift wrapped.

Product details

  • Handmade in Australia
  • Materials: cowhide leather, cotton
  • Sizing: One size fits average women's hands up to 18cm from base of palm to middle fingertip.  
Homegrown and Handmade gourmet and textile gifts are all individually handmade to order by the owner/designer, Kallista Bolton, from her olive farm in southern Western Australia. Kallista makes beautiful, useful and wholesome items for heartfelt gifting. All pieces are carefully made in the quiet cottage studio or nearby commercial kitchen. The small crop of olive oil grows sustainably using biodynamic principles, and the textiles reflect a belief that even everyday items made with a beautiful aesthetic can enrich your home and daily experiences. Kallista opted out of a hectic career in Sydney in search of a simple life in the country. Along with her husband and their three children, the family found their slice of heaven in the shape of a 10 acre olive farm in country Western Australia. The Homegrown and Handmade venture evolved in early 2010 from Kallista's desire, as a parent, to work from home. Fusing her accumulated skills from university business study, with cooking and sewing skills learned from her mother and real work place regional marketing experience, plus a bit of resourcefulness, Kallista has created an enterprise that fits snugly alongside motherhood.
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