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Forager 1 - Australian Bittersweet Aperitif

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Distilled and bottled in Melbourne, Forager 1 is a bittersweet liqueur made with a blend of dried oranges, roasted wattleseed and earthy roots. These native and exotic botanicals are infused in spirit distilled from Australian sugarcane and blended with a spot of earthy red wine.


  • 700ml bottle
  • 24% alcohol by volume

Now stocked at a number of local independent bottle shops and on the back bar of venerable bars around the country, Forager 1 started as a little challenge for White Possum to see if we could create a world-class product using readily available and foraged flavours. After countless drowsy tasting nights and plenty of failed experiments, we settled on a tincture labelled as ‘E1v2+S1:1’, later renamed Forager 1.

Creating our own spirit also helped solve one of our pet hates – waste! We also compile our own Aussie spirit tasting sets (check out our other products), and when we make them, we generate a lot of empty glass bottles. Although these get recycled responsibly, we knew there had to be a better use for them. So instead of buying new bottles for Forager 1, we’ve also foraged the bottles. We strip off the labels and give them a hardcore hot rinse before a quick polish to rejuvenate them. This means your bottle of Forager 1 might look different to another', but, for us, sustainability wins and we hope you’ll enjoy the peculiarities of your own bottle.

Forager 1 is great neat or mixed. Here are some of our favourite cocktail recipes stolen from cocktail bars around Melbourne.

  • Forager Spritz
    • Pour 30ml Forager 1 + 60ml Prosecco + 60ml soda water into a big wine glass with plenty of ice. Garnish with a slice of orange.
  • Blackcurrant Forager
    • Pour 30ml Forager 1 + 30ml Ribena + 90ml soda water into a tumbler with plenty of ice. Garnish with blackcurrants.
  • Dirty Negroni
    • Stir 30ml Forager 1 + 30ml gin + 30ml sweet vermouth over ice. Strain into a tumbler and add a spoon of olive brine. Garnish with a few oily olives.

It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years.

Named after the famous White Possum of Gondwanaland, White Possum was launched in Melbourne in late 2014 to support and promote Australian-made spirits and their makers. As an inventive people, Australians can be found to be involved in almost any industry. The premise is that if the head distiller at the local Applewood, Starward, Four Pillars, Ironbark and Hunter Distilleries (or any number of other boutique, independent makers) can beat the international giants at their own game in blind taste tests, then why not support them in their quest for perfection. Everything White Possum does revolves around introducing Australian spirits to those who may not have tried them, or those who may have only had the occasional tipple.

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