Flight of the Juniper Possum - Australian Gin Tasting Set

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Our Australian gin tasting set is the first of its kind. First released in 2016, this is now the fourth edition of this gin tasting set. With the recent explosion in Australian gins, we knew there had to be a better way to sample a broad range. So we compiled 12 of our favourite local gins and bottled them into sleek matte black sample bottles.

The Flight of the Juniper Possum features gins from NSW, VIC, TAS, SA and WA. Each is the result of tireless experimentation by a local distiller, and we're proud to stand behind every single one of them. Keep reading to see the full list of included gins. The set also comes with a tasting and inspiration guide with detailed information about each gin, distillery profiles and interesting facts about gin in Australia.

All 12 gins and their accompanying notes are hand-packed neatly into a sleek presentation box, suitable as a gift or to help seek out your own gin adventure.
Here's what's inside.
  • Twelve 30ml samples of Australian gins:
    • 'Southern Strength Gin' by Never Never Distilling
    • 'Nonesuch Dry Gin' by Nonesuch Distillery
    • 'Mystery Gin' by Hunter Distillery
    • 'Blood Orange Gin' by 36 Short
    • 'Giniversity Barrel Aged' by Margaret River Distillery
    • 'Original Gin Elixir' by Fossey's Distillery
    • 'Fig Gin' by Pot & Still
    • 'Gin for Tonic' by Brocken Spectre Distillery
    • 'Red Hen Gin' by Small Batch Distilling
    • 'The Buccaneer' by Kilderkin Distillery
    • 'Lobo Djinn' by Lobo Cider
    • 'Forty Spotted Gin' by Lark Distillery
  • Tasting and distillery guide: 
    • A multi-panel booklet which contains all the juicy facts to keep you occupied while tasting.
  • Country of manufacture: Australia

It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years.

Named after the famous White Possum of Gondwanaland, White Possum was launched in Melbourne in late 2014 to support and promote Australian-made spirits and their makers. As an inventive people, Australians can be found to be involved in almost any industry. The premise is that if the head distiller at the local Applewood, Starward, Four Pillars, Ironbark and Hunter Distilleries (or any number of other boutique, independent makers) can beat the international giants at their own game in blind taste tests, then why not support them in their quest for perfection. Everything White Possum does revolves around introducing Australian spirits to those who may not have tried them, or those who may have only had the occasional tipple.

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