Storage boxes & stands

A collection of stackable storage boxes ideal for shoes and other accessories made from coated cardboard with leather handles. Their design is inspired by the glamour of the Grand Tour and art deco aesthetics. The boxes can be bought separately or as sets, complete with stands in a variety of finishes, including solid walnut and leather.

“Being a seriously fanatical storage addict, in that I like things boxed, labelled and tidy, Sagitine’s smart boxes really appeal to me as a stylish way to organise one’s wardrobe.” Barbara Hermon Design consultant

The desire to keep her treasured collection of shoes and clothes for her two daughters led Tina Clark to re-imagine the classic travel trunk into a chic, practical storage solution.

You were working in a very different field before you launched Sagitine.

I was an equity trader for more than 20 years, mainly in New York and Hong Kong. My time as a trader was really amazing – travelling the world seeing clients, working on dynamic, crazy trading floors and tripping the light fantastic on our corporate cards. I absolutely loved it, but always dreamed of one day working in a more creative environment. In hindsight, the switch to Sagitine was probably a bit crazy, given I had no experience in manufacturing, wholesaling, importing, etc. However, it has been such a fantastic learning curve.

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