POL Clothing


Everyday clothing that’s contemporary, beautiful and original. The majority of POL's pieces are crafted in Australia, focusing on creative knitwear complemented by a refined selection of fashion basics in luxurious fabrics.

POL Clothing
“The thing I love about Sam Jones' clothes is their adaptability. Using quality fabrics in timeless designs, she updates each season with fresh colours and prints.” TRUDI JENKINS Director, The Store

Sam Jones has been making clothes since she was 13 years old. “It’s in my DNA. My mother had a sewing machine that was all cobwebbed and neglected, so I just dusted it off and started making clothes. I was young, I was bored and I was thin. I’d try on clothes and think ‘I don’t want to wear that’. So I’d go to Spotlight, buy some fabric and make something I’d seen on TV. I could look at somebody or a picture, and just make something. Then in high school, I started sewing class in Home Ec and realised I already knew how to do it. I sewed everyone’s zips in for them!”

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