LilBit Better

Two years ago I decided to try my hand at beekeeping and when I started I was not expecting them to change my entire life. Also unexpected was learning just how much impact these little creatures have on our lives. My new hobby led to a much greater understanding of our ecology and our personal effect on it.

I then knew I had to make some changes in my life. Then it hit me: If everyone made a 'little bit' of a change, the overall effect would be enormous!

At Lil'Bit you’ll find a range of small batch, Australian made Home and Cleaning products that use the best Australian Certified Organic ingredients available.All made by hand, from scratch and packaged in the best sustainable packaging available in Australia.

Whether it’s changing your cleaning products, buying organic food, picking up a little litter, smiling at a stranger, or sharing a little kindness, we all have the power to make the world a Lil'Bit Better.

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