Hayden Youlley Design


His philosophy is simple – to create beautiful, objects that are practical and pleasurable to use, with minimal environmental impact. In his Sydney studio, Hayden works exclusively in porcelain, a medium that combines strength and purity, which is apparent in his delicate and highly detailed ‘Paper’ range of tableware.

Hayden Youlley
“Hayden’s ceramics are beautiful and functional; the textural details in his Paper series are so delicate and sculptural.” TRACY LINES Creative director, storyteller

Finding your vocation isn’t always cut and dried, and for Hayden Youlley, it wasn’t until he’d spent a year or so after leaving high school “being a lazy teenager, working odd jobs and hanging out with friends”, that his creative path started to emerge.

“From a young age I had that urge to be creative, but I’d never found a medium I enjoyed or excelled at – or understood. Like every kid, I tried drawing and painting, made Lego… Got to high school and tried fine art, woodwork, metalwork, anything available, but none of it really spoke to my inner creative voice.”

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