Robert Doble

Abstract artist

Melbourne artist Robert Doble studied at the Chelsea School of Art, London. He is represented in the National Gallery of Victoria as well as Pricewaterhouse Coopers, the Rockhampton Art Gallery, the Botanical Restaurant and private collections in Australia, Japan, the UK, the USA, Italy and Spain.

Robert Doble
“Robert Doble celebrates the aesthetic fusions between art and science, using a seemingly unnatural combination of colours that, in fact, captures the true colours of nature.” ALEX MCCULLOCH Art consultant

Having grown up on the edge of Dartmoor in south-west England, Robert Doble studied art for six years in London, at Reigate School of Art & Design, Croydon School of Art and Chelsea School of Art & Design. He moved to Australia in 1990, and lives in inner-city Melbourne. “I’ve always been surrounded by the countryside - which I think is why I love the open spaces of Australia. I hate suburbia - that space in-between - I’d rather be right in the middle of the city, or out in the huge open spaces.”

Doble started painting from a young age, and has been painting full-time since 1998. Originally a figurative painter, his favourite artists still are Francis Bacon, Frank Auerbach (his drawing teacher at Croydon) and Jenny Saville. It was only later that he made the transition to abstract art “because I felt I felt other people were doing figurative work so much better than I ever could”.

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