Reg Mombassa

Reg Mombassa is the pseudonym of Chris O'Doherty, a New Zealand-born artist and musician. Resident in Australia, he is as well known for his musical exploits - founder and former member of the popular Australian band Mental As Anything and member of Dog Trumpet (alongside his brother Peter O'Doherty) - as he is for his art. Worldwide, he is perhaps better known for his irreverent designs for surfwear company Mambo Graphics, many of which were later adapted for use in a segment of the Sydney 2000 Olympics closing ceremony. Reg Mombassa is represented by Watters Gallery.

  • Printed with the highest quality archival inks and paper.
  • Each print is a limited edition.
  • A detailed description, including size, paper, framing and limited-edition run, can be found within the ‘description’ of the artwork. To access the full description, click on the image, then on the ‘read more’ link.
  • Delivery can take up to three weeks
A new range of Reg Mombassa collectables is also available, see below.
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