Lisa Lapointe


Sydney-based artist Lisa Lapointe draws upon spiritual, religious and indigenous mythology in her art. She describes her drawings as “chaotic yet serene”. They combine the primitive with the futuristic through bold colours, strong graphic elements and mythological references.

Lisa Lapointe
“Lisa’s original artworks are done in pencil and her applied art has that hand-drawn quality, too. I love their graphic strength and the colours, and her use of spiritual symbolism.” David Clark Design curator & editor

You describe yourself as a 'pencil artist'. Tell us about your approach and techniques.

I have a very methodical style, which has quite a meditative quality to it. My work is flat in intensity, geometric and colour-rich. I only use Prismacolor pencils, which are bright and punchy, and almost look like paint. I love the scratchy texture of the pencil work and the subtle variations that can be seen in the larger block-colour areas. My most crucial techniques would be patience and perseverance – which, once you break through, is how the meditative aspect kicks in.

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