Leonie Barton


For her Ephemeral artworks, created daily, Leonie Barton makes still-life compositions from found objects on beaches, in parks – anywhere she happens to be – then photographs them to create compelling abstract images. The physical compositions are then left in situ for others to happen upon, or for the elements to scatter, erode or destroy.

Leonie Barton
“My works are a way of getting people to slow down and look at what’s around them; to look at the familiar in unfamiliar ways. Some people do yoga, some people run. I play with sticks...” LEONIE BARTON

Leonie Barton doesn’t consider herself a photographer. “That’s the first thing that throws everyone. Photography is just how I capture a moment. I essentially draw or paint, which is what I’ve done since I was a child.”

This apparent contradiction has arisen since Barton set up her Ephemeral art project almost four years ago. She originally comes from a filmmaking background, having worked for years as a production manager. When she and her film editor husband had children, they felt that one of them had to change course, as both of them had to travel so much for work.

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