John Shakespeare

John Shakespeare is a Walkley Award-winning cartoonist and illustrator for The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia. Born in Brisbane, he got his first job as a cadet artist at The Courier-Mail, where he was lucky enough to be mentored by Alan Moir, the editorial cartoonist at the time. He moved to Sydney in 1985 as the editorial cartoonist for The Sun, owned by Fairfax. When The Sun closed, he moved to The Sydney Morning Herald. His work covers a variety of media, from watercolour to 3D computer illustration. His day job is illustrating politics, but his great love is animal drawing.

Purchase the original watercolour of an illustration by Shakespeare that has been published in the Sydney Morning Herald or The Age. 

Not all original illustrations are available, so before placing your order, please email our customer service team at to request confirmation of availability, specifying the publication date and page number. Once you have received confirmation from our customer service team that the illustration is available, you can place your order using the original illustrations product listed below.

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