Jimmy Pike

Aboriginal artist Jimmy Pike lived in a bush camp on the edge of the remote Great Sandy Desert of northern Western Australia, where he painted, producing art for which he has become so well known. Born in 1940, in remote sandhill country, Jimmy was a member of the Walmajarri people, one of the last groups to leave the desert and settle on cattle stations in the Kimberley during the 1950s. He spent his childhood as a nomad moving with his family around the various waterholes that were the focal points of their arid country. This country, its ancient culture and symbols are the things that inspired Jimmy Pike’s work.

Each work is available as a limited edition print.

A detailed description, including size, paper, framing and delivery time, can be found within the ‘description’ of each artwork. To access the full description, click on the image, then on the ‘read more’ link.

Jimmy Pike's art is represented in the collections of all major Australian galleries and museums.

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