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The Australian Museum's 190th-anniversary giclee print collection, by the Scott sisters, two of 19th-century Australia’s most respected natural history illustrators.

Selected from the Australian Museum’s collection of exquisite butterfly and moth illustrations by sisters Harriet and Helena Scott, created c1845-1864.

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Each work is available as a limited edition of just 150 giclee reproductions. Produced under the supervision of the artist using the highest quality archival inks and paper, each work is hand-signed and delivered with a certificate signed by the Editors.

A detailed description, including size, paper, framing and delivery time, can be found within the ‘description’ of each artwork. To access the full description, click on the image, then on the ‘read more’ link.

Detail from the Notodontid Moth print available below. c1845-1864. "The view is taken from the north shore of Port Jackson, looking across the Parramatta River and up Long Cove. The principle object in the centre of the picture being Cockatoo Island." AW Scott

"These drawings are equal to any I have ever seen by modern artists... whether, in short, we look to the exquisite and elaborate finishing, the correct drawing, or the astonishing exactitude of the colors, often most brilliant, and generally indescribably blended, there is no poetic exaggeration in saying: 'The force of painting can go no further.' ” William Swainson, entomologist, Sydney Morning Herald, 1851

Detail from the Common Brown Butterfly print available below.

Beauty in Science - Read the full Sydney Morning Herald article here

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