Australian Indigenous original prints

A collection of original, limited edition linocuts, screen prints and lithographs by senior Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

Many of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists represented in this collection can be seen in Australia’s National, State and Regional Galleries as well as in important International Institutions. The prints reflect the stories, myths and legends of the world’s oldest living culture that goes back over 60,000 years.

The works come from the remote desert communities of Balgo Hills, Lajamanu, Utopia, and Yuendumu to the Saltwater people of Arnhem Land, across to the Hills of the Kimberley's and to the Islands of the Torres Strait.

Australian Indigenous contemporary art, described by art critic and author Robert Hughes as ‘The last great art movement of the 20th Century’ has become not just a national but international phenomenon.

The publishers of the prints below, are members of the Indigenous Art Code and are committed to ethical and transparent business dealings with Indigenous visual artists and abide by the standards set out in the code.

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