Cast Iron Incense Coil Holder by Simplicity

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Simplicity has designed and produced this incense coil holder in collaboration with the long established casting studio Suzuki Hironori Studio .

The technique of using and applying natural lacquer as baked underlay, then finishing off with iron serum (Terurokuro) (a piece of copper containing acetate in liquid acetic acid and the one left for more than one year, combined with the liquid boiled with tea),these cast iron items developed a unique texture which also minimise rust development.

You can use it by hanging it with the accessory iron hook bar, etc., as well as being able to place it on a flat surface as a desk ornament.

Diameter 15 cm × height 3 cm, includes a steel bar  hanging hook of length 90 cm

Handcrafted in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture .

Please place incense coil at the center hook attachment.

Discard the ash every time you refresh the coil..        

Please use this product in a ventilated space indoor or outdoor.

You can clean it with a dry cloth, or wash it with boiling water. Please avoid constant damp and humid environs.

The Gingko Leaf name originates from the beauty and uniqueness of the Ginkgo Biloba tree and its delicate, uniquely shaped leaves. The products selected are guided by the Japanese conceptual term Yo-no-bi ("beauty through use") and the primary focus is on well crafted, well-designed contemporary Japanese household items such as ceramics, porcelain, glassware, woodcrafts, ironware, bath and bed textiles or on unique pieces that will bring delight to users.

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