Casa de la Trova by Werner Pawlok

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A self-taught photographer from Stuttgart, Germany, Werner Pawlok first picked up a camera when he was 16 in order to take pictures of his idol, Jimi Hendrix, on stage in 1969. Pawlok combines painting and photography. He has developed a process of transferring large-format Polaroid negatives onto handmade paper, then painting on them.


  • Image size: 54cm x 74cm
  • Framed size: 84cm x 104cm
  • Lambda high quality photographic paper used to ensure superior quality and finish
  • Mounted under glass
  • Photo mount frame in Spessart oak, black colour, 20mm
  • Edition of 150 worldwide through LUMAS Gallery
  • Certificate with artist’s signature and number will be provided

Werner Pawlok is self-taught, the kind of artist who will not be stopped because he cannot do something or because something does not appear to be possible. He managed to get hold of one of two specialised large-format Polaroid cameras in existence, and takes the same approach to his subjects: unafraid and open to all possible outcomes.

Pawlok’s work enjoys wide recognition around the world, with numerous international awards, solo exhibitions, and group exhibitions with great artists such as Warhol, Richter, Mapplethorpe, and Polke. Pawlok’s career began in 1977, when he opened his first studio in Esslingen, Germany. Sever years later, he moved to Stuttgart. In 1988, spent a year in New York. In addition to his haunting black and white Polaroid portraits of authors, his signature style is most recognisable in his ‘Photography Paintings’ or in his celebrity and fashion photographs.

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