Bondi 3 Candle

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This candle tells the story of the native Australian botanicals originally found in Bondi and the current exotic species found along its cliffs and gardens today. It’s a story of the quiet beauty of what was always there. And a meeting of the past and the present.

Key top, middle and base fragrance notes:

  • Native Grasses
  • Native Cedar Leaf
  • Lavender
  • Moss
  • 100% soy wax
  • Weight: 300g wax; 700g total
  • Burn time: up to 60 hours
  • Handmade in Bondi, Australia

In a world of consumption where many things are mass-produced, we believe that what you purchase and surround yourself with says as much about you as it does about your purchases. When you start to curate your own lifestyle, your stories become richer, more adventurous, and more satisfying when you seek out those things that have interesting stories to tell. There is great beauty in exploring the layers of meaning, history and connection between us all. So we like to surround ourselves with the interesting, and the interested, the curious, the well-travelled, the passionate, the eccentric, the cheeky and fun. Those who appreciate the luxury of time and the beauty of the handmade; that’s who we are and that’s the journey we are on. 

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