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Aviator solid cologne offers striking notes of citrus and labdanum mellowing into warm cedar and sandalwood to take you from day to night, ground to flight.

Solid State cologne is a wax-based cologne that's easy to throw in your pocket or bag and go. Unlike spray cologne, it contains no water, ensuring a higher concentration of fragrance. To use, simply swipe a finger across it and apply to your pulse points. 

The wax-based ingredients benefit from being kept close to your body, such as in a pocket, as your body heat will soften the wax and allow for easier application. Solid State will last for around two years if stored correctly.

  • Dimensions: 7cm W x 9cm H x 2cm D
  • Weight: 50g
  • Composition: 50% wax, fragrance
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Made in Melbourne

Solid State For Men was founded in Melbourne and all of its products are made locally. Its highly concentrated wax-based colognes, designed for on-the-go convenience, are available in a range of different fragrances, each 'crafted to capture a particular moment in time'.

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"Melbourne-made Solid State for Men is complete genius. No leaks, no heavy bottles, just solid cologne in a pocket-sized tin. And it smells pretty great, too."
Chief Marketing Officer