Amato Vino Exotic Reds

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Margaret River, WA

Red and radical. Amato Vino is one of Australia’s leading adventurous winemakers, exploring new and obscure grape varieties using traditional winemaking practices. The Exotic Red pack includes Margaret River grown Nebbiolo and Teroldego. All wines are wild-fermented, unfined and unfiltered, naturally…

Pack includes

  • 3 x 750ml 2016 Amato Vino Teroldego 
  • 3 x 750ml 2015 Amato Vino Nebbiolo
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Country of manufacture: Australia

It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years.

Amato Vino is a small-batch artisan winemaker based in the Margaret River wine region, Western Australia.

Employing a hands-on philosophy in terms of the grunt work, care and guidance, but with a hands-off approach to the science of winemaking, the wines are made using little or no inputs and traditional processes. An old-school approach yet with a modern flare for creativity and adventure.

Our wines are typically alternative varieties, micro-batches and ‘lo-fi’ winemaking styles. Single vineyards, handpicks, natural ferments; incorporating minimal winemaking input, little or no adds, and unconventional vessels for fermentation and maturation – the wild stuff.

The winemaking is ‘lo-fi’, in that we embrace wild-ferments, no/minimal adjustments in the winery, minimal handling, minimal machinery. We use mostly older oak so that there are no distractions to the fruit expression of the wines/varieties from the regions and vineyards they grow, and we also use some unconventional fermentation & maturation vessels, including clay amphorae.

We love exploring unusual and emerging grape varieties and being adventurous in winemaking styles. Volumes can range from 20 dozen of some wines (experiments/explorations!) up to 250 dozen – small by anyone’s standards.

The two growing areas: Margaret River, where the climate is cool-to-mild and alternative varieties are a rarity; and the Riverland (SA), where hot summers are the norm and the region is home to myriad extraordinary grape varieties grown on small plots dotted along the Murray River.

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