Akira Lite + UV-bird garden Umbrella

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Akira Isogawa is one of Australia's most iconic designers. Born in Kyoto Japan, Akira moved to Australia in 1986 where he studied fashion design at the Sydney Institute of Technology, drawing inspiration from contemporary Japanese design. Blunt has teamed up with this iconic designer to create two iconic umbrella designs. We bring you the BLUNT Lite + UV with Akira's Bird garden design. Limited Edition ===

The BLUNT™ Lite+ is the ultimate lightweight all-weather umbrella, whether if you're in rain, hail or sun. With its special opaque canopy fabric it blocks 99.99% of the sunlight and more than 99% of the ultra-violet light. And its e-Dry™ water repellent quick-dry coating means with a quick flick and a shake, the umbrella is instantly dry again. It is the go-to choice for urban dwellers, folding up, and sliding into its sleeve so that it fits easily in your bag - making it easier to carry around than a full sized stick umbrella.

All BLUNT™ umbrellas are a revolution in umbrella design creating an aerodynamic robust canopy structure, making BLUNT™ the ultimate defense against the elements.


  • Diameter: 105 cm/41 in
  • Length: 77 cm/30 in
  • Weight: 360 g
  • Fabric: Polyester with e-Dry™ and BLUNTScreen

The Technology


All BLUNT™ umbrellas incorporate our unique Radial Tensioning System (RTS™) to create a fully-tensioned canopy that out-performs all other umbrellas.


We test umbrellas to breaking point and measure the force at the point they fail. This enables us to take a kaizen continual improvement approach.


Fibreglass ribs ensure the perfect balance between strength, flexibility and weight.


The fully tensioned canopy creates an aerodynamic and robust structure, making BLUNT™ umbrellas the ultimate defense against the elements.


Every single BLUNT™ umbrella has an independent 38 point check before it reaches you. This ensures we keep the high standard we set for all products carrying the BLUNT™ name.


The fibreglass shaft used on our golf umbrellas keeps the weight to minimum while retaining maximum strength.


All BLUNT™ umbrellas feature patented BLUNT™ Tips that form an integral part of their unique Radial Tensioning System (RTS™). A system that redirects, transfers and distributes the effort used in opening the umbrella throughout its entire canopy surface.


BLUNT™ umbrellas carrying the Storm resistant badge can withstand wind speeds and weather conditions that typically destroy traditional umbrellas.


All our umbrellas carry a 2 year gloabal warranty against manufacturing defects.



Design engineer Greig Brebner stepped out of a doorway into the human rush hour of a London pavement, the blustery sky pockmarked with the first sprinkles of rain. At 1.9m tall, the New Zealander could see over most of the crowd to his destination. But as the downpour gathered pace, his eyes were suddenly at the mercy of hundreds of bristling spikes: Moments later the wind turned one of them inside out, its owner struggling to avoid taking Greig’s eye out.


Until the moment Greig set to work on his kitchen table with a glue gun and some kite material, the basic design of the modern umbrella hadn’t changed since 1928. They come in all sorts of colours, have little push buttons and lights, some even have holes in the top that let the wind out (and water in) to attempt to stop them turning inside out. But the basics are the same. And they don’t really work. This has led to a product that fails if there’s more than a breath of wind, breaks completely after a few months and then ends up in landfill.


So Greig started from scratch to redesign the entire idea of a personal weather protection canopy The engineer in him worked towards something that would outperform everything on the market, working flawlessly and effortlessly in conditions way beyond the capabilities of any umbrella in the world. The designer in Greig demanded that it must also be elegant and stylish. And the tall guy in him just wanted to make sure these damn things didn’t keep poking him in the face.


When Greig got home he couldn’t wait to unpack his new ideas and test them out in blustery New Zealand He would take his prototype and walk up to Auckland’s One Tree Hill in the middle of a raging storm and see if the weather could break it. When he and the Blunt kept surviving that, he reckoned he was on the right track. When a Blunt performed and functioned in winds at Force 12 (>117 km/h), the maximum setting of the test wind tunnel, he got quite excited.


The Blunt aim is not just to redefine the umbrella itself, but the entire throwaway culture. Each year millions upon millions of broken umbrellas are discarded. Very few are repaired or recycled, so the vast majority of them end up adding to the pollution buried in landfill sites. This wastes your money and time, and all the time and resources that went into making products that simply weren’t up to the job in the first place.

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