A Wild and Wonderful Yes - The Original

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A Wild and Wonderful Yes celebrates the Australian public’s resounding affirmative response in the plebiscite. Especially commissioned to commemorate history right as it is being made, the artwork attempts to represent relief, love, queer culture, delight and ambivalence all at once.
“When I was little, my parents were florists, and their unwavering support leads me to express riotous joy with flowers in their honour. The work also acknowledges the devastating disrespect of the debate through mischievous reclaiming of metaphors sometimes used to insult and denigrate LGBTQIA+ communities. I will leave them up to the viewer to decode.
“The figures are imaginary, hybrid, fantastical mythical creatures. They have queer superpowers of survival and solidarity, magic and resilience. They are lovers and fighters.” Deborah Kelly

This original print, with 22 carat gold embellishment, is available to purchase from The Store, for $3300, with 25% of the artist’s commission to go to Camp Out.


  • Dimensions: 66cm x 70cm

This work is part of a collection commemorating marriage equality becoming a reality in Australia. Eight artists were commissioned by The Store by Fairfax to create new works that celebrate this landmark event. View the full collection here

Deborah Kelly is a Sydney-based artist whose works have been shown around Australia, and in the Biennales of Singapore, Sydney, Thessaloniki, TarraWarra and Venice. Her most recent solo exhibition was Venus Envy at the Kvindemuseet in Aarhus, Denmark, as part of the European Capital of Culture. Her projects across media are concerned with lineages of representation, politics and history in public exchange. She has won the 2015 Cayte Latta Award for LGBTQI Visual Arts, the 2013 Redlands Art Prize Audience Award, the 2012 Albury Art Prize, the 2009 Fisher’s Ghost Award and the 2009 Screengrab International New Media Art Award.

To be arranged with the artist. Please contact the Store to arrange.

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