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This is a luxury garden hose you don't need to hide come cocktail hour and is worthy of prime position on any patio, balcony or terrace. Made in Australia from UV-protected and kink-resistant agricultural grade hose with high tensile yarn and recycled rubber core. Permanently crimped solid brass click-on fittings ensure serious longevity and allow no bust-off watering at maximum pressure. Our custom formula makes this hose malleable for easy handling and extra strong for a solid workout under the Australian sun. In three elegant Pantone colours, for lovers of quality, beauty and function.


  • Length: 10 metres
  • Diameter:12mm
  • Weight: 2.1kg
  • Packaged product: 330mm x 440mm x 120mm


  • Agricultural grade hose
  • Recycled rubber core
  • Solid brass nozzle, solid brass universal tap connectors
  • Hydraulic permanent crimping 
  • High tensile yarn
  • UV-protected
  • Kink-resistant
  • Pantone-coloured
  • Made in Australia

We are on a journey to create modern classics. ‘Alive’ creations that are whole, make sense and delight. For wise women and men, lovers of exquisite things, exceptional quality and natural beauty. Follow what excites you, collect the things you love.

The Spiritual is fundamental to our brand, makeup and understanding of the world. Exceptional quality has a story behind it, is imbued with a human beings' touch, soul and spirit. It supports all things authentic and lasting. By bringing together refinement and spirit we create sun energy-charged ‘Alive’ compositions that harmonise our physical and spiritual being every day.

Nurtured by her Steiner School education and an artistic-inspired upbringing within the humanistic/spiritual Antroposophic movement which her parents and grandparents were deeply involved in, Johanna has always been drawn to the natural quality of things. 

Introduced to organic cosmetic and medicine crafting by her alchemist mother and following the legacy of her Anthroposophic grandfather, an associate of biodynamic company 'Wala' (which later became 'Dr Hauschka'), Johanna has been making her own skincare for over 20 years. She finds the most exquisite, often long forgotten ingredients, experimenting with traditional folk methods and refining her formulas ‘until they sing’.

Christo’s interest has been an exploration of culture, from the basic to the refined. Tribal art and furniture, the absurd to the divine, working in European fabric houses for the love of texture, in theatre and dance to study the form of lighting and movement. But mostly his wanderings have been an exploration of the spirit in all things. 

Whether it is the passing on of old wisdoms lost, reviving practices that nurture all, collaborating with makers that instil what they make with love and mastery, it is essentially this acknowledgement of the spirit of things which drives our intent to create a brand that defines and tells this story.

The story of LEPAAR is the culmination of two people coming together, the pairing of a shared passion for quality, refinement and beauty, of growing a business that supports what is good and alive.

Our very different worlds that we come from hold very similar values in spirit and form.

Our story is to bring these two things together.

Refinement and spirit.

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“In addition to its superb handcrafted household items, Lepaar’s range includes luxe, hand-blended skincare products that are beautifully packaged and presented. ”
Landscape designer & creative director